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ACR Appropriateness Criteria

Medical responsibility, effective communication, and patient safety are an important part of your education.  Resources such as the ACR Appropriateness Criteria help you request the best imaging exam across multiple clinical scenarios (with evidence-based explanations), and Image Gently reviews dose considerations for Pediatrics. Choosing Wisely reviews commonly over-utilized, mis-perceived, or mis-utilized procedures across Imaging as well as many other fields.

Choosing Wisely

Choosing Wisely is an initiative of the ABIM Foundation that encourages us to carefully consider medical tests and procedures that may be unnecessary, and in some instances can cause harm. More than 50 specialty societies have now joined this campaign and have developed lists of such tests and procedures that should be avoided, and additional specialty societies are joining the campaign nearly every week. 

RSNA Clerkship Companion

Wonderful resource for all med students during their clerkship years and earlier. Great for self assessment and for incorporating imaging into each of your clerkship rotation. Must create an RSNA account (free for all students).


Collaborative radiology resource with thousands of articles and illustrative cases. Even has iPhone apps for use when not at a computer.


Excellent resource for students to learn, and therefore communicate comprehensibly to patients, what specific imaging exams are, how they are performed, how the patient is prepared, what the patient will experience or do during the exam, and how they will feel  or be restricted after the exam. The site lists and defines all sorts of imaging procedures, treatments, and clinical assessment protocols from A (Abdominal CT, Aneurysm, Alzheimer's, anemia....) to Z ; describing how done and when; how to image various body parts or organ systems; imaging by disease or symptom and by modality; safety, risk/benefit, and dose considerations; screening and wellness protocols; and updates on Radiology News.

Medical Imaging Resource Center

Search engine for JHU SOM radiology in anatomy website

Zygote Body (Google Body)

Detailed 3D model of the human body. Great resource for anatomy. Must be opened in Chrome.

Yottalook Radiology Search

Radiology Image Search: Search Online Medical Images. Over 750,000 images at your fingertips!


Labeled, scrollable radiographic images (majority requires subscription)


Amazing website for correlating 3D anatomy with cross-sectional imaging. Hopkins students must log-in using Hopkins JHED account and must have permission to access (currently enrolled in Anatomy course).

Imaging Anatomy

A free, user-friendly interactive atlas that serves as a reference of normal imaging anatomy for the radiologist as well as a learning tool for any health professional studying anatomy.