Introduction to 3D Anatomy Modules

These 3-dimensional tutorial modules can be used as an anatomy review (quiz format) or as a learning aid alongside existing anatomy course diagrams and texts. Please click on any of the following images to navigate to the corresponding section:




Head & Neck




3D Tutorial Instructions

How to use these tutorials:

These 3D movies are files called QTVRs, or QuickTime Virtual Reality movies. They MUST be opened using QuickTime Player or on the web in QuickTime format. The movies will not open properly in Windows Media Player, iTunes, or other video players.

Manipulating the Module

The tutorials can be moved in space like an object that you are holding in your hand. To move the model in 3D space, hold down the left mouse button while dragging the mouse. The model should rotate 360 degrees about three separate axes. Use the (+) and (-) buttons in QuickTime Player to zoom in and out.

Hotspots and Quizzes

Quizzes and embedded content can be accessed by clicking the “Show Hot Spots” button in QuickTime Player. Links to the quizzes will appear as lightly colored shapes on the surface of the model. Click on the shapes to access the quizzes. To hide the links, click the button again.

Showing Answers

Clicking the “Show Answers” link within each quiz will direct you to the answers page. To return to the main QTVR model, click the “Back to Model” hot spot within the quiz, or click the “Back” button in QuickTime Player.