HNQ01 - Identify the vascular territory

This patient has a history of hyperlipidemia and atrial fibrillation. He presented with new, sudden-onset left-sided weakness. MRI showed evidence of a new stroke.

HNQ02 - 49 year old man with encephalitis

This 49 year old man presented to the hospital with confusion and strange behavior. MRI showed an encephalitis.

HNQ03 - History of Aneurysm

This 22 year old patient with a known history of aneurysms presented after being "found down" with profound neurologic deficits on exam.

HNQ04 - Identify the MRI sequence

This patient presented with new-onset neurologic symptoms. Can you identify the MRI sequence displayed in this image?

HNQ05 - Identify the imaging modality

The following is an example of cranial imaging in a patient with headache.

HNQ06 - Identify the abnormality

Patient with known history of brain tumor presenting with new neurologic deficits.

HNQ07 - Identify the CT abnormality

CT scan of an elderly patient presenting with confusion.

HNQ08 - Identify the MRI sequence

This patient underwent a diagnostic MRI as ordered by her neurologist.