Transition to the Wards

Donna Magid M.D., M.Ed.

Welcome to Transition to the Wards, the bridge from the classroom to the wards. Part of that successful transition will include appropriate comprehension and utilization of diagnostic imaging. Radiology is a central clinical hub through which virtually all spokes of the patient care wheel will run. The vast majority of your patients, be they emergent, routine, or anywhere in between, are likely to have had or to be having some sort of imaging procedure in their diagnostic assessment, treatment planning and therapy, and follow-up. In line with urgent new national imperatives to provide high-value care in every subspecialty and every situation, we are hoping to help you evolve as intelligent, informed, patient-centric 'consumers', who understand how to consult with Radiology and Radiologists, how to weigh the cost/benefit ratio of any imaging decisions, research and understand which studies may or may not be appropriate in individual circumstances, how/when/where to refer, when more information is needed, and to have some insight into the increasingly urgent issues of dose and cost.

The articles in this section provide an introduction to clinical radiology and highlight important concepts that you will encounter during your time on the wards.