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This website would not have been possible without the contributions from our team and feedback from site visitors.


Donna Magid, M.D., M.Ed.

Krishna Juluru, M.D.

Student Webmasters:

Liwei Jiang, MD (2014-2016)

Erin Zingarelli, M.D. (2012-2014)

James Chen, M.D. (2011-2012)

Chris Long, M.D., Ph.D. (2010)

Anshu Bansal, M.D. and David Marker, M.D. (2009-2010)

Content Development:

Anshu Bansal, M.D.: MIRC Modules

James Chen, M.D.: Student PACS Modules (head & neck / neuro)

Edmund Hong, M.D.: Student PACS Modules (thorax, abdomen, pelvis)

David Marker, M.D.: MIRC Modules

Erin Zingarelli, M.D.: 3D anatomy modules, TeamRads iBooks

Liwei Jiang, M.D.: MIRC modules, PRECEDE cases

Christopher Bailey, M.D.: MIRC modules, PRECEDE cases

Article Contributors:

Sameer Ahmed, M.D.: Genitourinary imaging lecture

James Chen, M.D.: Head and neck imaging lecture

Swati Deshmukh, M.D.: Spine and limb imaging lecture

David Feigin, M.D.: Approach to abnormal CXR, CXR search pattern

Kopal Kulkarni, M.D.: Basic Principles and Intro to CXR

Chris Long, M.D., Ph.D.: Chest imaging lecture

Donna Magid. M.D., M.Ed.: Transition to the Wards articles, Line Drawings, Kiddy Physics, Radiology Elective articles, Resident Joint Procedures articles, Pelvic imaging lecture, Limb imaging lecture, Resources: Apps of Steel, about Baltimore

David Marker, M.D.: Abdominal imaging lecture


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